Jun 6, 2011

Half of Guys Who've Been With a Prostitute Have Never Told a Single Person

There's really only one way to make sure you NEVER get caught going to a prostitute. You know . . . by not going to a prostitute.

But if you do occasionally seek the warm, shady embrace of a lady . . . or gentleman . . . of the night, the best way to make sure no one finds out is to take that secret with you to the GRAVE.

According to a study out of British Columbia, about HALF of the guys who've been with a prostitute have figured that out. In the study, just under half of the men who've been with a prostitute say they haven't told a SINGLE PERSON.

Of the guys who HAVE admitted to paying for sex, 23% told male friends, 9% told female friends . . . and 17% only admitted it to more prostitutes.

Of the men who were in a committed relationship when they paid for sex, 79% actively hid that info from their partner. 12% told their partner. The other 9% didn't necessarily hide it, but didn't come out and volunteer the information right away.

61% of men thought that they'd end up divorced if their partner found out about the prostitute. 22% thought it would lead to arguments or anger, 5% thought it'd be a general disaster, and 1% thought it would lead to VIOLENCE.

As for how their friends, family, and co-workers would respond, 41% figured it would lead to shame, stigma, and ridicule . . . 17% thought they'd lose friends over it . . . and 13% say they didn't think there would be any repercussions.