Meet Brady

Hey Guys, 

 I'm Virginia's best-damn, one-man morning show. No morning partner, no producer, no interns and no phone screeners. I alone create the show on a daily basis.

 I’m here to make you laugh, keep you informed and most importantly entertain.

 I've won awards within the industry for my show and while working at another radio station  in Roanoke, Virginia I was voted best radio personality by the listeners in Virginia. It's a show with a fun edge for Classic Rockers.



BORN:  4-5-71 in Long Island. Grew up in Schenectady and Rotterdam N.Y.
FAVORITE BEER:  Hoegaarden



FAVORITE SHOT: Coffee Bomb…1 shot of Patrone X/O (Coffee Flavored Tequila), 1/4 cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer / shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream.

FAVORITE BANDS:  Led Zeppelin and Metallica

CARD GAME:  Texas Hold’em'

FAVORITE HANGOUT:  Buffalo Wild Wings

SPORTS: I’ve played any sport you can imagine, spoon fed The Yankees and The NY Giants but over the years I’ve become obssessed with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). I'm a part-time MMA Journalist and own a website where I help fans get closer to their favorite fighters. Check it out at My favorite fighters are Anderson Silva, Jon Bones Jones, GSP, Johny Hendricks and Ronda Roussey. I mainly follow The UFC because I believe they have the best fighters but I’ll jump ship and watch Bellator. You can find me geeked out at talking smack and discussing MMA.

HOW I GOT INTO RADIO:  After discovering my childhood obsession with my local radio stations and air personalities, I quit stalking and enrolled in broadcasting school.

IF I WEREN'T A DJ:  I would own and run an antique store.

EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE:  We are not alone. I have no doubt our government is lying to us about their existence. I believe disclosure is around the corner. I'm convinced it will happen in our time.

BRUSH WITH FAME:  I’ve met tons! From Aerosmith to Metallica and tons of others.

IF I WON THE LOTTERY?  Buy a radio station, turn it rock, hire others to do my work and continue to do a kick ass morning show.

FAVORITE QUOTE:  “When one gets in bed with government, one must expect the diseases it spreads.” - Presidential canidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul

MOVIES:  Goodfellas, The Matrix, Armageddon and Pulp Fiction.

TV:  Hell On Wheels, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Mad Men, Tosh.0, Dexter, Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, The First 48 Hours, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Gold Rush: Alaska , Sons Of Anarchy, Big Brother, Survivor, and The Ultimate Fighter.

BOOKS:  I read Steven King, Jim Marrs and Whitley Stibber. My favorite books are IT (Stephen King), Alien Agenda (Jim Marrs), Behold a Pale Horse (William Cooper), Communion (Whitley Striber) and Howard Stern’s "Private Parts".

OUR GOVERNMENT:  It’s corrupt beyond anything you want to believe. All we can do is vote the good ones in and hope the bad ones die slow deaths.

MILITARY:  I didnt have the privilage to serve but I love this quote because it says it all!
~If you can read this thank a teacher but if it’s in English, thank a veteran.

MARRIAGE:  I married someone who gets me, shares the same opinions and views on life with me, drinks beer from a can when needed and knows good wine. I truly believe the old saying that ‘opposites attract’ was created by someone that never fell in love with someone who has the same things in common. You’ll hear me talking about my wife Ania from time to time and our daughter Gia.

If you want to know anything else about me just ask.