Oct 11, 2013

Goodbye And Thank You!

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Jul 10, 2013


The ESPN Body Issue is out and as always we get you the first look!

Did the guy in back just eat a booger?

You've heard of photo bombing - well this dude BOOGER BOMBS WMMS's morning guy while in court for fireworks charges. He picks, he eats, HE SCORES!!!

***FAIL***Woman Tries To Hire Hitman

21-year-old Julia Merfeld of Muskegon, Michigan tried to hire a HITMAN to KILL HER HUSBAND . . . and she was caught on tape saying killing him would be easier than DIVORCING him. She was also after the $400,000 she'd get from life insurance. She'd approached a co-worker about bumping off her husband, and he told the cops. So an undercover cop posed as a hitman, set up a meeting, and secretly videotaped Julia. She offered him $50,000 to kill her husband and make it look like a robbery, and now she's facing between six years in prison to LIFE for solicitation of murder.

Jul 8, 2013

Do You Have A problem With This Bikini?

Last week, 43-year-old Madelyn Sheaffer of Independence, Missouri went to a water park with her family. And she declared independence from boring, un-sexy, one-piece bathing suits. She wore a string bikini to Adventure Oasis Water Park. The park told her she had to either cover up or LEAVE because the bikini was TOO REVEALING. Madelyn argued with the staff. They ended up calling the cops, who escorted her out of the park. She's filed a discrimination complaint against the park with the city. Here's Madelyn talking about why she felt singled out.