Jun 6, 2011

A Hypnotist Fell and Knocked Himself Out During a Show . . . Leaving Three People Stuck in a Trance

I've never been clear on whether hypnotists are for real . . . or if the people they're hypnotizing are just playing along. But if it's real . . . then these people are lucky they're not still walking around thinking they're chickens.

On Friday night in Portland, England, a hypnotist named David Days was performing a show at a theater. And near the end, as he brought three volunteers out of their trances, he tripped over an audience member's leg.

David fell down and knocked himself out . . . leaving the three volunteers stuck in a hypnotized state.

Eventually, paramedics were able to resuscitate him and he was able to pull himself together and break the people out of their trances. His manager says the entire thing, quote, "damaged his ego."