May 26, 2011

What Do Rich People Do Online? Check Their Bank Accounts and Watch Porno

A new survey from the Affluence Collaborative asked people who earn more than $500,000-a-year what they do online. And the answer is just perfect: Mostly, they check their bank accounts . . . and watch porno.

86% of the people surveyed use the Internet for online banking, which is pretty similar to the rest of the population.

38% admitted they visit adult websites . . . which is MUCH HIGHER than the rest of us poor people. Only 23% of us admit to watching online porno.

The wealthy are also more likely to visit news sites and make online restaurant reservations than the general population.

The one thing we do that rich people don't do? Waste time. Rich people were far less likely than the general population to say they, quote, "casually surf the web and pass time."