May 26, 2011

First There Was the Ferrari Hatchback . . . Now Lamborghini Is Following With Their Own "Everyday Car"

Last week, Ferrari started selling a HATCHBACK designed for day-to-day, family use. And we were horrified at the thought of someone buying a Ferrari so their kids could spill Cheerios in the backseat.

And now we're even MORE horrified . . . 'cause this is getting dangerously close to becoming a trend.

Lamborghini just announced that they're ALSO adding a, quote, "everyday car" to their line.

Like many companies, the recession has hit Lamborghini hard . . . they're down from about 35,000 sales in 2007 to about 26,000 last year . . . so they're starting to look into new ways to get more customers.

Right now they only sell two models . . . the Gallardo and the Aventador . . . and they're both sports cars that every single man in the world would kill for. This family car would be their third model.

The new Lamborghini will take at least four years for them to manufacture before it hits the road. There aren't any more details, and there's no info on price. Right now a Gallardo starts at $250,000 and the new Aventador starts at $440,000.