Aug 28, 2012

Eight Things Your Kid's Principal Probably Won't Tell You

The school year is starting back up, and if you're a parent, I've got a list that might help you out this year. "Reader's Digest" talked to a bunch of different principals. Here are the eight things they wish every parent knew.

#1.) When You Say Your Child Would Never Lie to You, You're Being Naïve. A lot of the time, straight-A students and kids who never get in trouble are the ones who DO lie when they make a mistake.

--Because they don't want their parents to know they're not perfect.

#2.) He Knows More About Your Private Life Than You Think. Kids talk a LOT, and one principal admitted that he ends up knowing WAY too much about some of the parents . . . including what their money issues are, and how often they fight.

#3.) If There's a Problem, Talk to the Teacher First. Another principal said his biggest pet peeve is when parents go straight to HIM to complain, without talking to the teacher first.

#4.) He KNOWS Some of the Teachers Suck. But even if he's planning to FIRE them, he probably can't say anything about it for legal reasons.

#5.) Bullies Aren't Usually Expelled. According to one principal, quote, "We suspend them again and again, but it's very tough to expel a student. The truth is, they have a right to an education."

#6.) Kids Are Pretty Easy to Deal With. It's the PARENTS who are tough, because they're constantly trying to solve their kids' problems for them.

#7.) If You Want to Talk, Make an Appointment. Or at least go to their OFFICE. Principals hate it when parents try to have a "quick" conversation about their kid during a school play or a sporting event.

#8.) The Smartest Kids Aren't Necessarily the Teacher's "Favorites." Most teachers value hard work more than they value someone's IQ.

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