Jun 13, 2012

2 New Ways for Americans to Get Chubby are Coming: Pizza Vending Machines and Burger King's Bacon Sundaes

Here are two new ways for us to get EVEN CHUBBIER this year. A European company is about to start installing PIZZA VENDING MACHINES in the U.S. They cook you a pizza in two-and-a-half minutes for just $6. You can also chub up with Burger King's new BACON SUNDAES . . . vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate, caramel, and bacon crumbs. They go on sale nationwide tomorrow.


-Burger King's Bacon Sundaes. Starting tomorrow, Burger King will be offering BACON SUNDAES nationwide.

They feature vanilla ice cream covered in hot fudge, caramel, and bacon crumbs. A full stick of bacon also sticks out. They check in at 510 calories and are only going to be available for the summer.

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