Jun 20, 2011

A Woman Finds a Lost Dog And Is Then Arrested For Extorting Money From the Owners

Oh this is just DIRTY.

57-year-old Elena Vatamaniuc of Hagerstown, Maryland found a one-year-old dog that had gotten away from its owners. And they'd posted signs around the neighborhood looking for the dog.

Elena saw the signs, called them, and asked if there was a REWARD for finding the dog. The owners offered her $50.

And that's when Elena decided to EXTORT THEM. She told them she had the dog and wouldn't give it back to them unless they gave her $200. No cash, no dog.

Instead of getting the cash out, the owners wisely called the police.

And rightfully, Elena was arrested for extortion.

Last week she pleaded guilty to extortion of less than $500 and ended up getting 10 DAYS IN JAIL and a $500 fine.

The owners were reunited with their dog after Elena was arrested.