Jun 2, 2011

More and More Restaurant Servers Are Getting Rid of the Pen and Paper and Taking Orders By Memory

Personally, I HATE when a server takes my order and doesn't write it down. At least when they write it down there's, like, a 75% chance they'll get it right. When they do it from memory it seems like that drops to about 10%.

But we all may have to get used to that. Apparently, more and more restaurants are encouraging their servers to get rid of the pen and paper and take orders by memory. Here's why . . .

#1.) It helps the server keep eye contact, which creates a better bond and leads to a better tip.

#2.) It makes the servers concentrate harder, which leads to better service.

#3.) And, most important to the restaurant, it makes the server look like more of a pro . . . which makes people more receptive to 'upselling.' You know . . . when the waiter suggests appetizers, drinks, or desserts that you and your chubbiness probably don't really need or want.

All that being said . . . people really don't like it. The "New York Post" mentioned the trend, with a poll asking people if they trust servers who don't write down their orders. 81% say no.