Apr 14, 2011

A Woman Kills and Mutilates Her Cat Because She Wanted the Blood . . . For Part of a Costume To Wear To a Lady Gaga Concert

I understand that when you go to a LADY GAGA concert and want to have the CRAZIEST COSTUME, it takes EXTREME measures to make that happen. But this is just HORRIBLE.

Last week, 20-year-old Angelina Barnes of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma was planning to attend the Lady Gaga concert in Tulsa and wanted to have a hell of a costume.

It included dying her hair purple, wearing a long coat, and smearing her face with blood. And to get that blood . . . she decided to MURDER HER CAT.

A relative came over to her house and found Barnes in the bathroom with the mutilated cat at her feet. Barnes had drowned the cat and then gutted it. The cat's liver was in her makeup bag.

The relative called the police.

Barnes was taken to the hospital, where she threatened a male nurse with a piece of glass.

She's been charged with animal cruelty and is undergoing a psych evaluation. She's still at the hospital. And yes, she missed the concert.