Apr 4, 2011

HERO OF THE DAY: 55-Year-Old Amputee Takes Down an Armed Robber Using His Prosthetic Leg

This guy is the Hero of the Day by FAR. He's 55-year-old Stephen Cornell of Salem, Massachusetts.

When Stephen was 12 years old, he lost his leg when he tried to run across some train tracks and fell in front of a train. He's had a prosthetic leg ever since. But that didn't stop him from FIGHTING CRIME.

Last week, Stephen was at a convenience store in Middleton, Massachusetts when he looked out the front window at a restaurant across the street, called JC Grill and Pizza. And he saw someone ROBBING IT.

Stephen spotted a guy pointing a gun at the owner. And Stephen says he didn't have time to think . . . he just reacted.

He ran across the street and stood outside the door. And when the robber came out, Stephen reached out and tripped him . . . using his prosthetic leg.

The robber fell down, and Stephen jumped on him, along with the owner of the restaurant. They got the gun out of his hand and held him down until police got there.

The robber was 23-year-old Eric Homen. He was arrested for armed robbery.