Dec 4, 2008

Signs That Show When a Woman is Cheating

Come on girls! Tell us your secrets.
We know that guys and girls are different in the ways that they cheat.

Tell us the ways that you've gotten out and played around.

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--Mitch said...

Not a girl... but I gotta say this: Women can cheat alot easier than guys. A guy has to work hard to get laid. It all comes down to the ability to say no. Women can easily give themselves away for a few superficial compliments.

Anonymous said...

A guy has to work harder. Where is this guy from. Give me a break! Guys are so easy, all you have to do is hint around about sex and guys are there trying to ad another notch in there belts. if women don't put out then a guy is not even interested. all men are DOGS!!!!!

Dave (From Richmond) said...

Hey Anyonymous...The best way to tell who the real dog is, is by their bark and yours is loud!

Ruff, Ruff!