May 31, 2013

A Guy Calls 911 As His Neighbor Breaks in and Sets His House on Fire

A guy from Georgia was arrested yesterday on arson and assault charges, after he set his neighbor's HOUSE on fire, while the neighbor and his three-year-old daughter were still inside. And the whole time, the neighbor was on the phone with 911. Here's part of the call. (The neighbor on the phone is Marty Corbitt. The suspect is 58-year-old Phillip Bennett, of Cartersville, Georgia. And last week, he got mad that Marty hadn't cut his GRASS . . . slapped him in the face . . . then came back this week and started yelling about the grass again. So while Marty called the cops, Phillip threw a brick through the back door, poured gas in the house, and lit it. And the whole time Marty was standing there and narrating the scene for the 911 operator. He was so close that the brick actually hit him in the leg. The first link has the whole 12-minute 911 call. WARNING: there's uncensored profanity.)

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