Feb 27, 2013

Teen Forced to Walk Ten Miles in the Snow for a Job Interview Gets Better Offer and Free Bus Rides for a Year

When Jhaqueil Reagan's mother died two years ago, he was left with no choice but to quit school so he could take care of his siblings.

He managed to complete his GED, but had been hard-pressed to find a stable job to support the household of which he was now the head at just 18 years of age.

Last week, Jhaqueil came across a job offer at a thrift store in his hometown of Indianapolis. The offer wasn't much — a typical minimum wage position — and, worse still, it was 10 miles away.

With no money for the bus, Jhaqueil was forced to huff it through the snowy, slushy, icy roads between his home on 42nd and Post and the thrift store at 10th and Sherman.

About three miles into his trek, Jhaquiel came across Art Bouvier, owner of Papa Roux Cajun Cooking, who was busy "putting down massive quantities of ice melt" in front of his restaurant.


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