Feb 22, 2013

A Woman Is Caught Having Sex With a Pit Bull and Keeps Going After the Cops Show Up

 You don't hear about a lot of bestiality cases involving a female human and male animal. Because that requires a LOT of cooperation from the animal. But this woman . . . and dog . . . found a way. Earlier this week, the cops in Las Vegas got a call about 23-year-old Kara Vandereyk, who was having sex with a MALE PIT BULL in her backyard, in broad daylight.

When the cops got there, Kara WAS, in fact, naked and having sex with the dog. She saw the cops . . . said, "Hi!" . . . then proceeded to go back to, quote, "touch[ing] the dog in a sexual way." The cops say Kara seemed to be on drugs. She told them she was bipolar and on prescription medication. She was arrested for open or gross lewdness. Animal control came and took the dog.

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