Feb 25, 2013

A Tattoo Artist Performs a Miracle By Fixing the World's Worst Tattoo

If you've ever seen a list online of HORRIBLE TATTOOS, you've probably seen the tattoo that's almost universally considered the WORLD'S WORST TATTOO.

A guy tried to have his wife's portrait tattooed on his arm after she died tragically in a house fire, leaving him alone with their three kids. But the tattoo artist made her look COMICALLY BAD. She looked like an evil skeleton with dentures.

The photo of the tattoo ended up online because the tattoo artist's assistant HATED HIM, and posted the photo to hurt his reputation. It ended up circulating around because it was so bad . . . and it's kept circulating for the past five years.

Earlier this month, the guy FINALLY decided to get his tattoo fixed. He went to a tattoo artist named Scott Versago at Empire Ink in Akron, Ohio and asked him if he could fix it. Scott liked the challenge.

 And in three hours, he absolutely transformed the tattoo from a disaster into a perfect portrait of the woman. I feel like this guy is about to get a LOT of business.

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