Aug 1, 2012

CBS Is Developing a New "Brady Bunch" Series

There's been a not-so-creative trend of "re-booting" old TV shows the past few years.

We've already seen new shows based on: "Hawaii Five-0", "Dallas", "90210", and "Charlie's Angels". Plus, the CW is launching a new version of the late-'80s show "Beauty and the Beast", and NBC has a re-do of "The Munsters" in the pipeline.

Now, CBS is developing a new "Brady Bunch" show.

There aren't many details yet, but here's what we know: It's about a divorced man named Bobby Brady, who remarries to form a new blended family, like the one in the original series. (--Which ran from 1969 to 1974.)

There are conflicting reports on whether or not this "Bobby Brady" is the same character who was the youngest son on the original show. (--Although, it would be a strange decision to name this character Bobby Brady if it wasn't.)

There's no word on any casting, but it's probably safe to assume MIKE LOOKINLAND, who played the original Bobby, will NOT be involved. He hasn't acted in almost 20 years . . . and didn't do much beyond playing Bobby.

Also, he's 51 now, and isn't exactly the most photogenic guy anymore. (--Here are some pictures of Mike . . . now and then.)

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