Jun 13, 2012

A Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend by Acting Out a Scene from "Jurassic Park"

A video of a guy proposing to his girlfriend in a Spider-Man costume was all over the Internet last week.

In case you didn't see it, he set up a choreographed fight with fake bad guys as a build-up to the proposal itself. And even though the girl said yes, it was basically the nerdiest proposal ever caught on video.

I should stress the word "WAS", because there's a new one that's even worse.

A paleontologist named Lee Hall proposed to his girlfriend Ashley . . . who's ALSO a paleontologist . . . by acting out the scene from "Jurassic Park" where Sam Neil's character talks about how clever velociraptors are.

And get this: She said yes, and it actually made her CRY. (--It was during a trip to the Badlands in Montana, where they originally shot the scene that he acts out.)

(It was really windy, so the audio isn't very good, but he added subtitles. The actual proposal starts at 1:21, and she says yes at 1:56. Search for "Jurassic Park Proposal.")

(At the end, it says, quote, "Coming Soon: Jurassic Park The WEDDING." Let's hope they're joking.)

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