May 1, 2012

(R) A Guy is Suing BMW Because Riding Their Motorcycle Left Him in a State of Arousal . . . for 20 Months

52-year-old Henry Wolf filed a lawsuit against BMW in San Francisco last week . . . because he claims riding their motorcycle has left him in a state of arousal for the past 20 MONTHS.

It's not that he loves the bike that much. It's because a four-hour ride on his 1993model cycle compressed nerves in his groin and left him with a case of priapism.

Priapism is the condition they always warn you about in those commercials for Viagra or Cialis . . . you know: A state of arousal that last for more than four hours. But in Henry's case, it's lasted for nearly TWO YEARS.

Henry's suing for more than $25,000 for lost wages, medical expenses, and damages, because the problem has left him impotent.

But BMW says Henry wasn't using the original seat that came with the motorcycle. Henry's also suing the company that made the seat.

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