Jun 20, 2011

Who Was Hotter And / Or Sluttier This Weekend?
Miley or Britney?

Even though you'll never hear a song from either of these tarts on Classic Rock 96.9 that doesn't mean we can't appreciate the porn star quality white trash pop artists doing what they do best, showing off their asses.

MILEY CYRUS and BRITNEY SPEARS both went for the sexy (slash) slutty look in concert over the weekend: Miley in the Philippines and Britney in Sacramento. Who did a better job of pulling it off? YOU be the judge.

Personally, I give Britney the edge. Why? Because she's older . . . 29 vs. 18 . . . and she's popped out two kids. She's had her ups and downs physically, mentally and emotionally, yet she's STILL TRASHY-SEXY.)

(Yeah, she's a little beefy around the middle, but I must admit, I'm kind of a sucker for that.)