Jun 10, 2011

An Old Couple Tried to Take a Photo With Their Computer Camera . . . And Didn't Realize They Were Recording Video

I'm not sure when the last time was that I laughed this hard at something. This video is a living stereotype of old people. None of this is acting and thats what makes it great.

Someone posted a video on YouTube of an old couple named Rita and Frank trying to use their computer to take a picture for Frank's 84th birthday. But they don't realize they're shooting video, and get confused because they don't hear a clicking sound.

So they pose for way too long while Frank holds his birthday cake. And Rita keeps saying, "did you hear a click?"

If clueless but adorable old people are your thing . . . they also posted a video for RITA'S birthday, where Frank sings to her and holds a cake that looks almost identical to the first one.